Friday, September 16, 2011

Breakout Records!

Check out Breakout Records, already releasing Always Try's 2011 Demo on CD, with plans of releasing Down Fall, and Life For A Life. Also putting out merch for Always Try and Life For A Life. Be sure to pick something up in there store.

Trap Her Keep Her - Namedropper

Year: 2011
1. Criss Angel Of Death!
2. Dumb & Dahmer
3. Huey Lewis & The Noose
4. O.G. Simpson/Hugh Rant

Hardcore Collective- Bummer Summer MMXI Compilation

Year: 2011
1. Always Try- Undoubtedly
2. Beginnings- Falling On Deaf Ears
3. Bent Life- Beginning Of The End
4. CodexRed- My Regrets
5. Colors- Deceit
6. Concrete- Bitter Thoughts
7. Concussion- Plague
8. Constant Strugger- Bad Blood Intro/What Goes Around
9. Cowardice- Baxstabber
10. Crumb Cult- Full Circle
11. Cycles- Seasons
12. Desensitized- Tickin' Away
13. Direct Effect- Intro/Individuality
14. Disapproval- Poisoned
15. Down Fall- On My Terms
16. Fleas- Stop Caring
17. FocusedxMinds- Face It
18. Ghostxship- Cold Truth
19. Higher Learning- Iron Tigers
20. Life For A Life- Sleepers
21. Oblivion- Erased
22. Old Wounds- Night Neighbors
23. Plagues- Five Shapes
24. Ruined Tongues- Summer Gorillas
25. Slave- Savaged Haven
26. Sleepwalkers- Blinded By Faith
27. Step Aside- Stronger Than Life
28. Still Alive- The World I See
29. Suburban Scum- Self Loathing
30. Tough Luck- Descend
31. Truth- Just Understand
32. War Hound- Colder Than Ever
33. Wolf City- Life In Chains
34. Worlds Below- Alpha Male
35. Young Turks- Lost

Features the AV's very own Always Try, Downfall, and Life For A Life

Few Words For Comfort - The Dreamer

Year: 2011
1. Pretender
2. An Outside Perspective
3. Long Walks Home(Ft. Kyle from Villains)
4. The Irony Of Confidence (Ft. Jed from Hopeless In Paradise)
5. Low
6. Established 1863(Ft. Jabril from Life For A Life)
7. The Dream

Jungle Life - Demo '11

Year: 2011
1. Intro
2. Worn Down
3. Lost
4. Despise

Features members of Always Try and Back on Track
FFO: Trash Talk, Bracewar, Down to Nothing

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Terminal Holocaust - Promo

1. Cry For Help
2. Faceless Coward
3. Eyes Of Insanity
4. I Feel The Pain
5. Stepping Stone

Monday, May 23, 2011

Always Try - Demo 2011

Year: 2011
1. Intro
2. Lighten Up
3. End Today
4. Fade Away
5. Undoubtedly
and if you like it BUY IT
Pick up some merch from

Features Members of Back On Track and Jungle Life
FFO: Stop and Think, Righteous Jams, Youth of Today