Friday, September 16, 2011

Hardcore Collective- Bummer Summer MMXI Compilation

Year: 2011
1. Always Try- Undoubtedly
2. Beginnings- Falling On Deaf Ears
3. Bent Life- Beginning Of The End
4. CodexRed- My Regrets
5. Colors- Deceit
6. Concrete- Bitter Thoughts
7. Concussion- Plague
8. Constant Strugger- Bad Blood Intro/What Goes Around
9. Cowardice- Baxstabber
10. Crumb Cult- Full Circle
11. Cycles- Seasons
12. Desensitized- Tickin' Away
13. Direct Effect- Intro/Individuality
14. Disapproval- Poisoned
15. Down Fall- On My Terms
16. Fleas- Stop Caring
17. FocusedxMinds- Face It
18. Ghostxship- Cold Truth
19. Higher Learning- Iron Tigers
20. Life For A Life- Sleepers
21. Oblivion- Erased
22. Old Wounds- Night Neighbors
23. Plagues- Five Shapes
24. Ruined Tongues- Summer Gorillas
25. Slave- Savaged Haven
26. Sleepwalkers- Blinded By Faith
27. Step Aside- Stronger Than Life
28. Still Alive- The World I See
29. Suburban Scum- Self Loathing
30. Tough Luck- Descend
31. Truth- Just Understand
32. War Hound- Colder Than Ever
33. Wolf City- Life In Chains
34. Worlds Below- Alpha Male
35. Young Turks- Lost

Features the AV's very own Always Try, Downfall, and Life For A Life

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